The Brand History

A Love Story

MAKE UP FOR EVER's popularity among professional make-up artists all over the world root from the brand's professional origins and creative talent of Dany Sanz.

In 1984, Dany Sanz and Jacques Waneph established MAKE UP FOR EVER to respond to the diverse needs of both stage and fashion worlds. Little did they know that their company would rapidly become a success, and soon, international make-up artist's asset shared by both professionals and the public.

The objective behind the concept of MAKE UP FOR EVER was to put together a pallete as extensive as possible, with all the products, textures and colors needed to achieve the effect professional make-up artists would want to create.

As soon as the first MAKE UP FOREVER boutique opened at number 5 rue la Boetie in Paris, it stirred an enthusiasm that drew professionals from all over the world. This workshop/studio later became a meeting place not only for those in the industry but also for those who love and share a passion for color and make-up

Adored by Professionals and Make Up Aficionado Alike

Each time make-up professionals and enthusiasts visited the shop, they discovered new products created by Danz Sanz, most of which were manufactured on site. In time, the MAKE UP FOR EVER creator refined her product ranges and logistics further so as to offer her make-up artist friends great, innovative products.

Today, more than 1,400 products including 125 shadows, 100 lipsticks, and products for body painting and special effects constitute MAKE UP FOR EVER'S extensive range of products.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is also part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LMVH) Group since 1999. Accessible to the general public, the brand has been accelerating its development all over the world. MAKE UP FOR EVER exports its colors, philosophy and teachings to 45 countries worldwide.